Excellency in the scientific and practical food services .


1.Provide scientific Consultation in food.
2. Training and awareness-raising and capacity-building in food.
3. Carry out food analysis, studies and scientific research related to food.
4. Development of food quality and the adoption of quality programs.
5. Partnership of local and global actors.
6. Keep up with of international references, legislation and guidelines.
7. Nutritional Consultation.


The SFC is committed to offer high quality services to its customers and will always aim at satisfying and meeting their needs and expectations. We shall do so by providing all necessary means and resources in order to increase credibility and reliability of the analysis process and to continually improve its effectiveness and will provide a service that conforms to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.The SFC is committed to increase the number of technical reports, provided that maintains the quality of the test results.The competence of the SFC staff shall be developed by training and awareness.The SFC is also committed to ensure that everybody involved in the analysis process understands the implemented quality management system and its related procedures, instructions and documentation, and actually implements the system requirements at all levels in the SFC. The SFC is also committed to ensure that everybody avoid involvement in any activities that would diminish confidence in its competence, impartiality, judgment or operational integrity.The SFC is also committed to ensure that management and personnel are free from any undue internal and external commercial, financial and other pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of their work.The SFC is also committed to protection of its customers’ confidential information and proprietary rights.