Research & Development

The center will encourage cooperating with the stakeholders in food manufacturers and establishment, researchers, food authorities’ departments such as Jordan food and drug administration and Jordan institution of standard and metrology and any of food authorities’ departments in near countries. also the center will work with international food agencies in the world.

The center will encourage to looking forward carrying out the national or international research and development activities. The connection and visiting between researchers outside the center will amplify the successively in scientific research and development. The project will enhance increased visibility and scope (regional coverage, subjects, and activities) of the centers with increased linkage with economic and social environment.

The most important areas of development;
1. Fulfill applied and /or Commercialisation researches.
2. The production of new products
3. Developing traditional food products
4. An improvement in the manufacturing process and components to develop the properties and qualities of food products.
5. Follow-up products Stability on Shelf Life
6. Know the consumer’s needs.
7. Developed in analysis, legislation, food additives

SFC – Clinic

SFC Nutrition Clinic provides a modern evidence-based approach to food counselling and services. We also focus on using an advanced approach in providing information to our customers in a fun, accessible and exciting manner and creating long-term success. We offer weight loss packages, muscle building, seniors, teens, pre and post pregnancy, gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, prevention of Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies and others. SFC Nutrition Clinic exclusively employs accredited nutritionists, with a university degree specializing in ON Nutrition and Food University. The SFC Nutrition Clinic ensures strict nutrition counselling practices by our practitioners, offering nutrition plans and medically safe treatment. Our utmost priority is the long-term health and well-being of our customers, helping them reach the highest quality standards in their lives.


– Contribute to food security and strength and its role in the Jordanian national security.
– Achieve the partnership between private sector and governmental authorities related to food issues.
– Apply more development in Jordan food establishments.
– Have the high quality of Jordanian food products.
– Encourage the applied research and development studies with other stakeholders and academic professors or institute.
– Find employment opportunities for some of job seekers
– Partnership with the food Global worldwide leadership
– Promote of food scientific services. Providing consultations to the target groups
– Support food factories analysis, consultation, Training and any scientific services to the target groups
– Educate customers, food handlers in food safety, quality, and nutrition.
– Work as judgment when the divergences take place between private sector and governmental authorities.
– Carry out food studies and scientific research
– Support awareness raising and capacity building.