Food Quality

Food Quality

Food quality represents the all properties and assessable attributes of a food item. Usually this is done by the three accepted categories of quality: sensory value, suitability value and health value. All three deal with assessments, that is, judgments with a subjective component.The most important advantage derived by introducing quality control is that it develops and encourages quality consciousness among the workers in the factory which is greatly helpful in achieving desired level of quality in the product. Food quality ensuring customer get high quality products .

Food quality is an important food manufacturing requirement, because food consumers are susceptible to any form of contamination that may occur during the manufacturing process.

Examples of Food Quality Attributes:


  1. External factors such as appearance (size, colour, shape and consistency).
  2. Texture
  3. Flavor (odor and taste)
  4. Labeling with the ingredients, nutritional information and supplier/manufacturer details listed.
  5. Products must be properly packaged and sealed


Date: May 30, 2019