SFC offer Agricultural consultation, research and advisers work to environment businesses or enterprises. Environments services and researches refers to the qualitative SFC offer Agricultural consultation, researches and advisers work to agriculture  businesses or enterprises land, water and air. The three basic types of environmental services are disposal services, which reflect the functions of the natural environment as an absorptive sink for residuals, productive services, which reflect economic functions, and consumer or consumptive services, which provide for the physiological and recreational needs of humans.Environmental services include the provision of raw materials and energy used to produce goods and services, as well as the removal of waste human, and their role in life support and landscape maintenance. The environmental services concepts captures the broad idea that the natural environment incorporates many uses or benefits that can consulting is a sub-discipline of environmental consulting that focuses on optimizing a business‘ energy usage, as well as the sources from which the actual energy is derived. Using a consultancy service can help you with switching decisions as well as contract maintenance. No consulting is often centered on reducing operational costs, though this is not always the main goal.With the recent volatility in the energy industry, energy consulting is quickly becoming a main component of business operations for enterprises worldwide .SFC introduce clean energy services to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, and energy research and development in different sectors and areas