Well come to the SFC – clinic . We take pleasure in providing patients with the most comprehensive, innovative and progressive nutrition services.
Our counseling, which includes a nutritional assessment and individualized education designed to meet each one , is provided by registered dietitians who are experienced working with people . Our areas of expertise are designed to :
• Optimizing healthy energy levels
• Supporting healthy weight
• Promoting emotional and psychological wellbeing
• Supporting healthy people during life stages
• Supporting healthy fertility and pregnancy
• Optimizing gastrointestinal health to promote healthy digestion
• Helping to promote tolerance to a wide range of foods or food groups
• Support your understanding of food selection, preparation and eating as a healing art.
• Use the most natural, least toxic or invasive therapies first

SFC – clinic concern for all of ;
• Weight management/obesity
• Celiac disease
• Diabetes/carbohydrate counting
• Difficulties with eating/feeding/growing
• Eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia)**
• Failure to thrive
• Food allergies or intolerances
• Heart-healthy nutrition/high cholesterol
• Ketogenic diets
• Tube feedings
• Vegetarian diets
• Meal planning