Food chemistry  Analysis
is the study of the composition and properties of food, the chemical changes it undergoes during handling, processing and storage, and the principles underlying the improvement of food.
Basic food chemistry deals with the three primary components in food:Carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.
Food chemistry is very important! It allows us to understand what happens in food during cooking, processing, storing and even digestion.
Scientific Food Center Interest in Food chemistry that which is show the chemical processes and interactions of biological and non-biological components of foods.
Food chemistry deals with the chemical examination and analysis of food and food components, and studies the chemical aspects of food technology.
Food analysis is a very important branch of analytical chemistry, able to provide information about chemical composition, processing, quality control (QC) and contamination of foodstuffs, ensuring compliance with food and trade laws.
Chemical Test :
2-Solids (total) and moisture
3- Protein Content
4-Acidity value
5- Peroxide value
6-PH value
7 – Gluten content
8-Fat Content
9- Toxin (Aflatoxins)
10- Sugar content
11- Heavy Metal
12- Viscosity
13- Refractive index
15- Impurities
16- Carbohydrate content
17- Fibers
18-Total Carbohydrate

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